​​​​​​flat Lyrics – ​che




Smoke yo' mans then faint, yeah (Ohh)
I'm pourin' the dirty ass drank, uh, ya ho a dirty lil' skank
Yeah, it's some lows I'm giving away, this ho act so dank (Yeah)
Five star shit, lo mein (Yeah)
Broke boy, yo' shit fake, yeah, who told you that's okay? (Yeah)
Perc' make me "That's So Raven" (Ahh)
I don't really got no taste
No, I don't fuck with Jakes, but yeah, I fuck with BAPE (Hey)
Yeah, I fuck with Chase bank, nigga, 'cause Chase is my name (Woah)
Yo' bitch ain't ask for no age, I put my dick in her face (Whoo)
ARP goin' so cray, you coppin' crates off of Craigslist
Boy, yo' dumb ass face, I ain't never had no phase
Yeah, she ain't never had a flat
Fuck it, told hеr throw that pussy back (Yeah)
Rich money don't fap, I'm in your relatеd tracks (Ahh)
But we don't relate a bag, nigga, fat money, fat stacks, yeah (Yeah)
I ain't never pop no tags, nigga, I'm on tour, I'm piecin' Saks, yeah
I be really in the lab, nigga, while these niggas on some flats, yeah
Bet your ho will know my at, nigga, and she knowing where we at, yeah
That shit sad, yeah, I could never go like that, yeah
Ain't no ration, yeah, big ass bullets to your pastor, yeah
Fakin' out, I'm on acid, yeah (Shit)
Broke nigga still at Pacsun, yeah, broke ass nigga, and I'm taxing ya
Don't give a hell rich bastard, yeah
He an actor now? Boy, you'll get boxed out, Pacquiao (Yeah)
Yeah, pfft, pack him up, 2016, sold Yak a lot, 2016 sold bricks
Is you mad or nah? I take a flat, then a dab, like yup
I don't ask a lot, but nigga, I don't live passive, yeah
Yo' bitch, she immaculate, I'm in her mouth like a peppermint, nigga, what?
I want sex, that's it, and maybe a lil' bit of ecstasy
Yeah, I'm a reverend, these niggas know it ain't no testing me, yeah
Who's next? We'll see, I'll really have these niggas dead in a week

​​​​​​flat Lyrics – ​che

Read the lyrics   ​​​​​​flat by ​che. It Is A Brand New English Song Of ​che. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  ​che. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 21, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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