Evilj0rdan Lyrics By Playboi Cart

Evilj0rdan Lyrics -Playboi Carti Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Playboi Carti, Cardo, Johnny Juliano & DJ Swamp Izzo.The Music Track Was Released Date :January 15, 2024

Evilj0rdan Lyrics By Playboi Cart

Explanation of Intro
intro to the song “M3tamorphosis” by Playboi Carti featuring DJ Swamp Izzo sets the tone for the track’s intense and unapologetic energy:”First I go whip out the boat No, I can’t hit on no brakes

[Verse: Playboi Carti & DJ Swamp Izzo]
No, I can’t hit on no brakes
My life is out of control
I’m telling you, nobody safe
I’ve been living my life limbo
My ice, it came with a tray
It’s so hot, I gotta hide my face
This not a rockstar phase
I’m a emo thug in my phase
Syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, tell her to go chase
Monkey nuts, hold me, baby, I got on two chains
Roll another blunt and I might motherf**king faint
Spin on the block, have a pu**y n!gga stained
I just put on my boots, ain’t worried ’bout no rain
Put a n!gga down, Channel 2 front page
You was just asking for some change, now you changed
Yeah, I told you, yeah, about that money, sh!t get strange
Fully loaded check, hold up, baby, Jordan paid
I put duct tape on my switch, perfect aim
They can’t put me in no genre baby, ’cause I changed the game
We f**king on the same ho, but we not the same
Disrespect the 5, I put your as* in the food chain (Swamp Izzo)
B!tch keep calling my phone
She saying Ms. Jackson going through her brain (Carti)
We was just outside dancing
Moving on molly, feeling insane (He’s coming)
I f**ked the b!tch so nasty
We go Sephora, yeah, then we go PINK
She not so f**king toxic
And she care about what I think
She’s nothing like no other b!tches
She care about what I drink
I think she’s a fling
I think she’s a play maker
She should be on my team
She should get her a ring
Sh!t, it can’t be me
But she can be on the team
Diamonds, they come out the water
My sock, it come with a ring
The Wraith came with the chauffeur
The chauffeur ready to take me

Explanation of  Verse 
The verses portray a way of life of overabundance, self-reflection, and a sense of separation from customary standards. Carti talks approximately living on the edge, where his life feels out of control, however he grasps it without hitting the brakes. He notices reveling in drugs like syrup (codeine) and rolling blunts, implying at a rash lifestyle.Carti depicts himself as an “emo hooligan,” proposing a blend of passionate profundity with a extreme outside. He boasts about his wealth, with references to expensive jewelry (“ice”), multiple chains, and luxury cars like the Wraith.There’s a sense of unpredictability and danger in the lyrics, with mentions of violence (“spin on the block,” “put a n!gga down”) and defiance against categorization (“They can’t put me in no genre baby, ’cause I changed the game”).

[Outro: DJ Swamp Izzo]
I am the music

Explanation of  Outro
The outro by DJ Swamp Izzo emphasizes the transformative power of music, suggesting that it defines him and perhaps serves as an escape or a form of expression for the artist.
In general, the verses paint a picture of a gluttonous and defiant way of life, interwoven with topics of self-discovery and the impact of music.

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