​​​​​​draco draco Lyrics – ​che

{Verse 1}

Lil bitch licked my sack, uh, then you kissed her back (Kissed her back)
She all in my jack, ah, yeah, that's so sad
We got plenty mags, yeah, just for yo ass
Neiman, Marcus, Saks, ah
You out popping tabs with them, while I’m still popping tags, uh
Draco make him dance, he look like he a Philly dancer
Hoes stay in my face, but I won't let them get the best of me
I said, “Okay, okay”

{Verse 2}

I been a lil sad, I ain't gon fake
I got a lil' tat right on my face (Tat)
And my cup same color as Jake (Jake)
She tryn' fuck, but don’t tear up the place (Okay)
And my momma said "Goddamn, Chase" (Chase)
Tears running down my goddamn face (Okay)
Say you real, but you goddamn fake
It's the garden of Eden

{Verse 3}

Percocet keep on eating my face
Perfect sex, she don't need no one else
Got no Glock, but you got a damn case
Check that PH, lil bro, get some help
And as much as a nigga prevail
My ass prolly still going to hell, damn
Told my doc, "It's okay, I don't need help"
And you never ask me how I felt
It's some niggas look like they need help
Fuck it, came from the bottom by himself

{Verse 4}

It ain't nothing, I just keep my head up (Oh yeah)
This shit so simple, like how could I fail?
Do a spin on the dick like rodeo (Fuck)
Would you die about that bitch like Romeo?
In the function like Ayo & Teo (Okay)
In the city, I'm leaving today
Get that guap, boy, yeah that's that kale
I wipe tears off my eye with a bankroll
I want all my money in the mail
It's so many bitches, I don't care
Throw that fucking brick up in the air
And that bitch bleached her hair, go Super Saiyan
If you making money, say "Hell yeah", yuh
If you making money, say "Hell yeah"


I really won't stay long
I say hell yeah
(Hell yeah)

​​​​​​draco draco Lyrics – ​che

Read the lyrics   ​​​​​​draco draco by ​che. It Is A Brand New English Song Of ​che. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  ​che. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 21, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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