DnD Lyrics – Paris Texas

{Verse 1: Louie Pastel}

I made it here with endurance
Nicotine with no insurance
I'm mixin' molly and liquor for social events
It's the only way through it
I overthink, it's a hobby
I never learned how to copy
Being yourself isn't all that you thought
Niggas gon' still put yo' ass in a box
What the fuck, rap? They love singin' and croonin'
Most of these hoes is just rapping and moonin'
Way that we rockin', we had to confuse 'em
DBZ, look at the way that we fusin'
Rap with the rock, this the fuck how you do it
Pussy ass nigga, you goin' out stupid
We goin' up and I know that you hate it
After this year, don't you ever debate it, bitch
Mama just saw me on stage
Doin' my dance and shе love it
Father been poppin' that Oxy' for pain
He tryna fix shit 'forе it's over
My heart is really in London
I went back home to a woman who needed me
Just to tell her that it's over
I never had this attention
I had to still get adjusted
Used to get jackets from Justin
Used to be dirty and dusty
Shawty 5'1" and she busty
Shawty 5'1" and she fussy
My children around, so no cussing
I'm in the cut where it's pussing

{Verse 2: Kenny Mason}

Lighten up the mood, the incense
I can see the moon in the distance
I gave niggas art with the first tape
But I was missin' out on money makin' real shit (Real shit)
New niggas said they want the old Ken
The Ken that they don't spin?
Went to war with a star 'cause a nigga tried to clone Ken
Came up with the style, niggas say I tried to clone them? Cool
When yo' check hit, we both split it
A lot of y'all critics just some gold diggers
How can I respect any opinion
When I see you give respect to some ho niggas?
I wrestled with the industry and folded it
Into figure four, now I'm a known figure
Shawty got a figure like 'Yoncé from Goldmember
Her goals aligned with these gold dentures
Too hood for the art shit
Too smart for the hard shit
Too depressed to be a narcissist
I just know my shit better than y'all shit
They gon' try to say a nigga "rock-rap," like it's not rap
Guess that mean it don't count when they get out-rapped
Sayin', "It ain't rock" on a rock track
Guessin' when you Black, it's all trap
I was tryna solve all the family shit
Same time, gettin' robbed by my management
Same time, arguin' with shawty, gettin' mad and shit
Drinkin' all the time, tryna handle it
No more rappin' 'bout the shit that I done been through
'Cause when I run into a fan, I feel seen through
Feel like it gotta die to get the love like I need to
Can't miss someone 'til they leave you
R.I.P. Peep, R.I.P. Juice
R.I.P sleep, I'm tryna see it through
Workin' on the tape, gotta see it through
Niggas finishing the album, gotta see it through
R.I.P. Lito, R.I.P. Phew
Please watch over yo' dad 'cause he need you
Wish I could do it but I can't, gotta see it through
Niggas finishing the tape, gotta see it through

{Verse 3: Felix}

Yo, there's a tumor in my gums
With my sister at the dentist just to see if he could drain it out
I still gotta go back to get it taken out
I think he was saying something 'bout root canals?
I don't know why it hasn't given me trouble yet
Maybe 'cause of how often a nigga spittin' now
Hopefully by the time you hear this, it's taken out
But anyway, it's more important shit to frown about
I got a sister who illness stressin' my mama out
And I still gotta hear the bullshit y'all talk about
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, uh-huh, mm-hmm, okay
It sound dumb, but I'ma let you do it anyway
You hard-headed, need to learn from falling on your face
"Mo' money, mo' problems," well, if that's the case
I'm gettin' bank, more notes than a opera house
What you think that say about the state my mind in now?
I could always say that I tried
You would claim it wasn't my best
I could spend my whole life on this shit
And I still wouldn't feel in debt
Don't forget, when I'm on the mic, yeah, it's war in my pen
Food for thought, here's somethin' more to digest
For desert, they might let that eagle soar from the nest

DnD Lyrics – Paris Texas

Read the lyrics   DnD by Paris Texas. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Paris Texas. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Paris Texas. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On 2. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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