Different Day – Lyrics

Read the lyrics Different Day – Lyrics. Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Playboi Carti, DJ Swamp Izzo, KP Beatz, Ambezza & OUTOFAIR. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On December 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

Different Day - Lyrics

Different Day – Lyrics

Hahahahahahaha, Carti
My nigga, you know you the flyest nigga I know on this planet (Sch—)
So before we start this new shit (Schyeah), let’s show ’em what the fuck you really been on
I am the music!
Different day

Explanation of Intro
The preamble sets a confident and celebratory tone, expressing admiration for Carti’s style and persona.

I just be stylin’, it’s hard to sleep (Schyeah)
She never made it hard for me (Schyeah, he’s comin’)
I can’t trust my eyes, like, how do I see?
I’m in the high, uh, she’s in the heat, yeah (Turn it up, turn it up)
Tell me why? And, for what?
Always prepared, ’cause I never know what
She wait at all of my shows, she want me to sign her butt, yeah (Hahahahahahaha), uh
Whippin’ that ho with the Fendi
Yeah-yeah, I was lookin’ for Benji
I had to smoke out at Means Street
(Don’t get fuckin’ scared now)
Everybody thought they knew me
My bitch, she ain’t even meet the new me
A ho gon’ die tryna do me
Look at the sky, it’s a movie
She not a wife, she a groupie
If you liked the last chain, check the new piece, schyeah
(I promise you niggas)
Red in the diamonds, no rubies
Stick in the dirt like— (Schyeah)
Stick in the dirt like doody (Schyeah), schyeah
There’s plenty of opps in the loose leafs
Goyard trunk, keep it brief, yeah
Stamp on your neck like pussy (‘Bout what? Schyeah, schyeah)
Stay in your position, lil’ nigga, before you get put on a shirt (Schyeah)
I was in South Carolina with two hoes, takin’ they turn
You play with that fire too much, lil’ shawty, you bound to get burnt (Schyeah)
SVJ, I go crazy, no concerns (Schyeah), uh
Glock in the holster (Schyeah), yeah, stick in the Goyard (Schyeah)
Put ’em on a poster, put ’em in a graveyard (Schyeah), schyeah
She gets angry, she like to text hard (What?)
I don’t need a co-sign (What?), I need a die-hard (Huh?)
I fuck her back in, yeah (Yeah), then put her in Chrome Heart (Uh)
The Bentley, it’s push-start (Uh)
I’m a bully, I push hard (Yeah), schyeah
Drivin’ off drugs, this my go-kart, schyeah
Different day, ha
We gamble on Sundays
I told my momma I was gon’ make it one day
Been, been, been told her
It was just the other day, I was on bullshit, eatin’ leftovers, yeah
Schyeah, thinkin’ about it
Now, it’s just G5s, yeah, I don’t do layovers

Explanation of Verse
Carti describes his life and the challenges he faces, similar as difficulty sleeping due to his success and the attention he receives. The verses hold on topics of query and the adversity of witnessing fact, perhaps appertaining to the shock of celebrity on his joinings. References are made to luxury brands like Fendi, Benji, and Means Street. Carti reflects on how people allowed they knew him, but he has evolved and changed. There is a citation of a woman who hasn’t met the” new” Carti, suggesting particular growth or metamorphosis. The lyrics also allude to the pitfalls associated with fame, with a line about a person dying trying to emulate him. References to jewelry, diamonds, and luxury particulars are scattered throughout, emphasizing Carti’s success and status. The citation of South Carolina and relations with women adds a particular touch to the narrative. The lyrics touch on the consequences of parlous geste , advising about playing with fire.

You know who the fuck it is
Swamp motherfuckin’ Izzo!

Explanation of Outro
The outro reaffirms Carti’s identity, pertaining to him as” Swamp motherfuckin’ Izzo,” conceivably a surname or alias.

Stop Breathing” appears to be a track where Carti reflects on the highs and lows of his life, the impact of fame, and the challenges that come with success in the music assiduity. The verses impart a feeling of self-esteem, mode- knowledge, and a heads-up about the unvoiced dangers of a hot- paced memoir.

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