Dark Lyrics – Dominic Fike


Oh-oh, oh-oh
I'll be gone like summer, I'll be here like rain
Far beyond my expertise where I'ma be that day
When you're gone like sunburn or you're here like rain
Far beyond my expertise where I'ma be that day

{Verse 1}

There was a movement in the sky this morning
The clouds tore open and it started storming
On me, looking at the roof in this broke apartmеnt
Watch in case the walls start closing on me
I usеd to have an old beat black guitar
I used to sleep in all of these trashy cars
I used to make the beat and spit the rap in the closet
Before anybody cared who the rapper was
And now my food got no taste
And my room got no space
And my head got so big
Don't remember who you is, dawg
Don't remember when it switched but


Yeah, it's dark out here, you better believe it
Yeah, it's dark

{Verse 2}

I felt a hole in my soul this evening
I thought it would be different after I left treatment
I stood up to a demon
Mama, you shoulda seen it
Remember back when Alex had no front teeth?
I do, I remember most of it
Back before I shed my shell, now I'm a ghost of it
Remember back when it was the four of us like ghostbusters?
Remember that?
I ain't even know a democrat from a lumberjack
Now it's mostly politics
Now I work on holidays
Now I'm worth all kinda things
Now kids pin me up in living rooms in they mama's place
Man, I moved out my mama's place
And then I bought my mama place
Then I replaced my mama with a white bitch from the palisades
Then after she broke up with me, I became who my mama hates, I became my dad
I would break promises that I would make to my favorite people
I'd cheat on my favorite bitch and then I would lie through my teeth
You remember when Alex had no front teeth?

{Outro: Jessica Fike & Dominic Fike}

I don't remember shit
I don't have a good memory
I mean, I do, it's more like flashback
That's what you have? Like flashes
Yeah, I have like a lot of them, they're very like, brief flashes
What about babyhood, do you have any babyhood shit in the back of your head?
Like, I don't remember nothing as a toddler
Do you remember like? No? I figured as much, so you got my memory
What's your earliest memory? Any?
What house do you remember? What's your first house you remember?
'Cause I don't even remember
I remember
Well, I remember your first house, house, it was actually an apartment
I remember

Dark Lyrics – Dominic Fike

Read the lyrics   Dark by Dominic Fike. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Dominic Fike. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Dominic Fike. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 7, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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