Daily Duppy Lyrics – Nines

I Took My Niggas ‘Round The World And Back
Still Tryna Find Addresses To Mail Some Packs
More Time I’m Chillin’ On The Streets With Some Niggas
(Zino Records)
Wearin’ Kufis And Some Christians On Their Feet, Uh (Karlos Got That Beat)

T-T-Trapstar And I Let My Ting Go

In The Interview Room, I Don’t Know Nothin’ Like A Bimbo
Don’t Compare Me To All These Trappers Barely Makin’ Cash

I Have Kylie Jenner, These Niggas Were Sellin’ Trailer Trash
When, When You Met Me, I Had My .9 On Me (.9 On Me)
And, She Can Feel It When She Whines On Me
I Still Remember Trappin’ In The Rain
All These Grown Men Dependant Like They Hangin’ On My Chain, Uh
I’m In The Hood Bunnin’ A Cali Zoot
Gangster, Or Random Yute?
I Crash Him Like Bandicoot
All Them Niggas Had A Run, Now, It’s My Hood’s Turn
Trapstar, Fam’, I Re-Ed Up More Than A Bookworm
In The Bando Eatin’ Chinese Wings
Strap Came With Two Bodies Like Siamese Twins
Why You Partyin’? Fam’, You’re An Intern
Told ‘Em That The Weed Won’t Sell Itself, In My Hood, I’m Like Big Worm
They Act Like These Instagram Reels Are Real
Two Twin Glocks Lookin’ Like Phill And Lil
Uh, I Ain’t Always Get Long Dough, Had To Do The Nightshift With The White Walkers Like John Snow
Uh, I’m A Boss, Fuck The Competition
All The Beef I Squashed, I Should Be A Politician
They Don’t Know About The Curbs I Plough
I Get Rid Of Weight Quicker Than Sherman Klump (Uh)
Trapstars Love It When I Fuck Up A Track, ‘Cause This Ain’t That Soft Shit, This That Hustler Rap
Told My Worker To Tell ‘Em We Ain’t Runnin’, Now, I’m Back
Niggas Always Lyin’ ‘Bout How Much Dust Is In The Pack (Uh)
My Chick Looks Like She’s Up On The Runway
And, They All Look The Same, Like, What Happened To Monday?
I Was So Broke, It Was Mental
Had To Consign Crack Then, Whip It Back Like A Rental
Them Times, I Was Sellin’ No Green
Had The Plug Droppin’ Coke Like A Vendin’ Machine
As Long As It’s Fresh, I Don’t Care If It’s New Season
I Get A Cheque Every Line Like I’m Proofreadin’
I Hope My Guys Don’t Get Caught
I Come Like Man City ‘Cause I Give These Youngins Pep-Talk
I Just Made Three Milli’
So Much Weed, I Need The Same Scales They Use To Weigh Free Willy (Uh)
My Chains Watered Down Like Diluted Drinks
If I Was Ever Window Shoppin’, I Was Buyin’ New Tints
Me And Scalez Screamin’, “Free My Nigga Shells”
All My Bullets Come With Red Tips Like Acrylic Nails
Trapstars, Yeah, I Said That Already
But, I Been Gettin’ Money Since Ed, Edd N Eddy
I’m Hardly In The Hood, I Oversea It
All My Business Is, Mummzy Could Oversee It
They Ain’t Fuckin’ With The Trainers That I Drip
They Come Like Balrog ‘Cause They Ain’t Got No Kicks (Uh)
I Had Half The Party On Pills
Sittin’ On Bricks Like A Car With No Wheels
I Used To Sell Drawers From Door To Door
Like Hand-Me-Downs, You Ain’t Been In War Before
Remember When I Had A Little Star Wars, Until My Opps’ Albums Went Triple Cardboard
Try Imagine How Me And My Brother Jack Felt
When It Comes To Landin’ These Kis, We Was Black Belt (My Nigga)
When I Fly Out, I Don’t Use A Suitcase
Gang Shit, Still Clean My Jewels With Toothpaste

We Been Poppin’ Like Half The Winter
You Ain’t Heard? You Must Live Under A Rock Like Master Splinter
Uh, Now They’re Sayin’ That I Rap The Hardest
Crop Circle Draw On Me Like A Tattoo Artist It’s Nines

Daily Duppy Lyrics – Nines

Read the lyrics Daily Duppy Lyrics – Nines . It Is A Brand New English brand of Nines. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Nines. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On sep 24, 2023 .And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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