cut my hair lYRICS by Tate McRae

Read the LYRICS cut my hair lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Tate McRae, Amy Allen, Jasper Harris, Ryan Tedder & Grant Boutin It Official Music Video Has been Release Dec. 8, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

” rip My Hair” is a wiling songco-written by Tate McRae, Amy Allen, Jasper Harris, Ryan Tedder, and Grant Boutin. Released on December 8, 2023, its official music video is available on YouTube. The songs, which express a hankering for change and commission in a relation, are decisive and sound with legion listeners.

cut my hair lYRICS by Tate McRae

cut my hair lYRICS by Tate McRae

Just wanna cut my hair, lose myself, make you sweat
Go out and get messed up, find myself in your bed
Just wanna cut my hair, little black dress, can’t forget
Just wanna show you whatever she do, I can do it better

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus emphasizes a desire for change and rebellion. The speaker wants to break free, cut their hair, and indulge in reckless behavior to show someone (presumably a romantic interest) that they can do things better than their current partner.

[Verse 1]
I’ve been playin’ nice little too long, yeah
Drivin’ on the high road, and hit a dead end
I’d tell you but we just don’t talk
I’ve been havin’ selfish thoughts
I’ve been workin’ hard while you’re six drinks in
Tossin’ in the dark, feel you under my skin
Once I start, I just can’t stop
I’ve been havin’ selfish thoughts

Explanation of Verse
In the first verse, the speaker talks about feeling restrained and frustrated with their current situation. They’ve been playing nice for too long and feel like they’ve hit a dead end. Despite their efforts, communication seems to be lacking in the relationship, and the speaker admits to having selfish thoughts.

There’s no right way to say it
Want you so bad, I hate it
Good girls, so overrated
So overrated

Explanation of Pre- Chorus
The pre-chorus highlights the internal struggle of wanting something so badly but feeling conflicted about it. The chair acknowledges that being a” good girl” is overvalued and hints at a desire for thing more edgy and fulfilling.

[Verse 2]
Couple years back, so sensitive, yeah
Movin’ like that gets repetitive, yeah
Singin’ ’bout the same old stupid ass things
Sad girl bit got a little boring

Explanation of verse 2
The second verse reflects on past sensitivity and repetition in the speaker’s life. They’re tired of the same old routine and themes in their relationships. The “sad girl” persona they once embodied feels played out and unfulfilling.

Just wanna cut my (My) hair (Uh)
Just wanna cut (Cut) my (My) hair (Oh, I-I)
Heard he got a new girl, that ain’t fair (Ain’t fair)
To show you how much I care
Just wanna cut (Cut) my (My) hair

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge suggests that the speaker wants to make a change by cutting their hair, possibly as a symbolic gesture of breaking free from their current situation. They voice aggro over hail about their partner’s new mate and want to show how big they watch, maybe by changing themselves.

Mm-mm, uh, mm

Explanation of Chorus
The outro repeats the desire to cut their hair, indicating a strong desire for change and renewal in their life.
all around, the song explores themes of aggro , desire for change, and the hunt for privy license within a relationship. The speaker wants to break free from constraints and show their worth to someone who may not totally appreciate them.

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