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Read the lyrics Crown On My Head – Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By YEJI, F R I D A Y . GALACTIKA , JVDE KOR, Star Wars * GALACTIKA , PABLO GALACTIKA & Woobin GALACTIKA .
Is Its Official Music Video Has been Release Jan. 8, 2024  And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here

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Crown On My Head - Lyrics

Crown On My Head – Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yeji]
정해진 길을 버리고
나만의 거리를 만들어 가 (Hey)
Someone said I’m like a leopard
Hell, yeah, I’m untamable, I mean I’m born to be wild
상처는 결국 아무니까
갑옷 따윈 I don’t need that (Hey)
까만 두 눈동자에 독기를 머금은 채
붉은 카펫 위로, I smile with the queen’s attitude

Explanation of Verse 1
The first verse talks about breaking away from the predetermined path and creating one’s own journey. Yeji expresses a wild and untamable nature, refusing the need for armor or cover. The mention of black eyes filled with venom adds a sense of fierceness, and she smiles confidently with a queen’s attitude on the red carpet.

[Pre-Chorus: Yeji]
우아한 장미의 미소만을 바라
보이지 않는 가시들이 찔러대는데
얼마든지 다쳐도 좋아
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
The pre-chorus emphasizes the desire to focus on the elegant smile of a rose, despite the unseen thorns that may hurt. The songs convey a goodwill to endure pain and obstacles, as it only makes the person stout.

[Chorus: Yeji]
I’ma light my way
어둠 속에서 피워 내 new flame
누릴 수 있어 ’cause I paid the price
끝까지 품위를 지켜내니까
I got a crown on my head, crown on my head
Chosen my life to shine
Crown on my head, crown on my head
The only thing that’s on my mind, oh

Explanation of Chorus
The glee club highlights the decision to illuminate one’s path in the darkness, representing a new morning and flooring stinks.Yeji reflects on paying the price for success while saving quality and proudly knocking out a crown on her head. The crown represents her chosen life to shine, with the blame of leadership.

[Verse 2: Yeji]
I don’t fear, 그게 뭐라도
고갤 세워, like I told ya, “Keep your chin up”
꺾으려 해도 I’m invincible
네 눈앞에 다시 보란 듯이 또 피어나
부딪혀도 I’m not afraid, 과감하게, ayy
I know my way, got no limit, I go straight, ayy
Feel the pain then I gain that I paid
Yeah, I’m on my way to throne

Explanation of Verse 2
In the second verse, Yeji asserts her fearlessness, encouraging others to keep their heads high and remain unbroken. She declares invincibility and ductility, confidently stating that she’ll rise again, indeed in the face of fusses.The songs express a sense of license and aplomb in chancing her own way to hit.

[Bridge: Yeji]
The hundred scars on my heart
That’s all me, myself and I
내 선택에 후횐 없어
‘Cause I got all in me

Explanation of Bridge
The earth speaks about the scars on Yeji’s heart, pressing that they’re a part of her sameness. She accepts that there’s no remorse in her elections, as everything is a part of her trip, and she possesses all that she needs within herself.

[Breakdown: Yeji]

Explanation of Breakdown
The breakdown section features vocalizations and expressions, adding intensity and emotion to the song.

[Chorus: Yeji]
I’ma light my way (Light my way)
어둠 속에서 피워 내 new flame (New flame)
누릴 수 있어 ’cause I paid the price
끝까지 품위를 지켜내니까
I got a crown on my head, crown on my head (I deserve it, I deserve it)
Chosen my life to shine
Crown on my head, crown on my head (Hey, yeah)
The only thing that’s on my mind, oh (Oh)

Explanation of Chorus
The final chorus reiterates the determination to light the way in the darkness, emphasizing the growth and strength gained through overcoming challenges.Yeji proudly wears her crown, importing her good place in the limelight.
” CROWN” is an hymn of tone- license and adaptability, steeling listeners to crush challenges and confidently pursue their own paths in life8

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