collage lyricsBy Gunna, EVRGRN & Young T Producer

Read collage lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Gunna, EVRGRN & Young T (Producer) Official Music Video Has been Release May. 10, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

collage lyricsBy Gunna, EVRGRN & Young T (Producer)

collage lyricsBy Gunna, EVRGRN & Young T Producer

We just keep goin’, man, we don’t keep, we don’t stop, we just, just keep pushin’, man

Explanation of Intro
The speaker sets the tone with a determination to keep pushing forward despite challenges.

I float like a ghost when I ride (Float)
Still on it, they hope I retire (‘Tire)
No boast, this ain’t no facade (No boast)
I’m goin’ against all the odds (All the odds)
A GOAT, no way I can hide (A GOAT)
Orange County, I’m at the Montage (Montage)
The Lambo’, the Benz, or the Dodge (Dodge)
Ferrari, add to the collage (Yeah)

Explanation of Chorus
The speaker describes feeling like a ghost, moving effortlessly and unnoticed (“float like a ghost”). Despite others hoping they retire, the speaker refuses to back down and boasts about their achievements (“No boast, this ain’t no facade”). They acknowledge going against the odds and compare themselves to a Greatest of All Time (GOAT). The citation of locales like Orange County’s Montage suggests luxury and success, corroborated by references to precious buses like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Dodges.

[Verse 1]
Young player, I wanna go Gator (Go Gator)
They probably be feelin’ me later (Probably)
I promise, I ain’t askin’ for favors (I Promise)
I work and put work on the daily (Work)
I spend fifty racks on a trainer (Fifty)
My payroll ain’t missin’ a paymеnt (No)
We startin’ to spend cash with payments (Cash thе payments)
And make this shit last for ages (Last for ages)
I hate the four walls, the cages (I hate it)
They told me dissolve the patience (Yeah)
We livin’ through all the changes (All the changes)
We ball ’til we fall, we made it (We ball)
You look for that dog, it’s in him (That dog)
He plottin’ on that cash, he anxious (Cash, he anxious)
My wrist havin’ glass, it’s stainless (Glass)
I’m startin’ to see past the hatred (Past)
My music ain’t past its time (Nah)
It’s formin’ a aura (Formin’ a aura)
The shrooms, they came from Euphoria (Shrooms)
Can’t kill me, you gon’ need some more of ya (Yeah)
Roll on the road, we geeked up on the tour bus (Mm)
Baby say she wanna fuck and I said that makes two of us

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker presents themselves as a young player aiming for success (“go Gator”). They emphasize their work ethic, spending money on self-improvement like trainers and maintaining financial stability (“spend fifty racks on a trainer,” “payroll ain’t missing a payment”). Despite challenges and confinement (“four walls, the cages”), the speaker remains determined to succeed and outlasts the hate (“startin’ to see past the hatred”).

[Verse 2]
McLaren right after the Spider (The Spider)
I got my first rolls from Spider (From Spider)
Thank God I didn’t need a writer (Thank God)
I work but they think they entitled (They entitled)
All my words come with a title (With a title)
My fans know my songs, they recite ’em (Yeah)
My fans got my shit on repeat (On repeat)
Miami, I’m droppin’ the Heat (Droppin’ the Heat)
Don’t stop it, keep poppin’ it, P (Poppin’ it, P)
Wide body, they all in the fleet (All in the fleet)
Hard body, they callin’ me flee (Callin’ me flee)
Still toxic, I gotta be geeked (Gotta be geeked)
Ain’t stunnin’ her, she prolly a treesh (Prolly a treesh)
Stay strong, this ain’t for the weak (Ain’t for the weak)

Explanation of Verse 2
The speaker continues to flaunt their success, mentioning luxury cars like McLarens and Rolls Royces. They express gratitude for their talent (“thank God I didn’t need a writer”) and emphasize their autonomy and authenticity as an artist (“all my words come with a title”). The citation of Miami and dropping” the Heat” suggests they are making a big impact in the music assiduity. They also mention staying true to themselves despite poisonous influences and distractions.
The lyrics show someone who is veritably sure of themselves, confident, and not fluently swayed, indeed when effects get tough.

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