Cobra Lyrics – Megan Thee Stallion

Read the lyrics Cobra Lyrics – Megan Thee Stallion Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written by Megan Thee Stallion Its Official Music Video Has been Released On November 03, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel

Cobra Lyrics – Megan Thee Stallion

Cobra Lyrics – Megan Thee Stallion

(B-B-Bankroll Got it)

Explanation of Introduction
The intro sets the tone for the song, mentioning “Bankroll Got it” and using the adlib “Ayy,” which is common in hip-hop and rap music.

[Verse 1]
Breaking down and I had the whole world watching
But the worst part is really who watched me
Every night I cried, I almost died
And nobody close tried to stop me
Long as everybody getting paid, right?
Everything’ll be okay, right?
I’m winning, so nobody tripping
Bet if I ever fall off, everybody go missing
At night, I’m sitting in a dark room thinking
Probably why I always end up drinking
Yes, I’m very depressed
How can somebody so blessed wanna slit they wrist?
Shit, I’d probably bleed out some Pinot
When they find me, I’m in Valentino, ayy
He pouring me shots, thinking it’s lit
Hah, little did he know

Explanation of Verse 1
Megan starts by describing a period of vulnerability where she felt the world was watching her, but the people closest to her didn’t intervene when she needed help. Despite her blockbuster and triumphing, she expresses passions of loneliness and the alarm of breathing delivered if she were to face lapses.

This pussy dеpressed, hmm
I’m about to stress him, yеah
Pink nails ’round his neck, huh
But this ain’t domestic, ayy
Think it’s going down, hah
Now he stand corrected, ayy
This pussy depressed, hmm
I’m about to stress him, ah

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus emphasizes Megan’s emotional state, stating that her “pussy is depressed” and she’s about to stress someone. The application of charged lingo is common in Megan’s music, and then, it adds a bold and assertive tone to her articulation of emotional fermentation.

[Verse 2]
Ayy, damn, I got problems
Never thought a bitch like me would ever hit rock bottom
Man, I miss my parents, way too anxious, always cancel my plans
Pulled up, caught him cheating
Getting his dick sucked in the same spot I’m sleeping
Lord, give me a break
I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take (Ayy)
How long you been worried ’bout me, telling people that’s not me?
Honestly, it kinda feel like you plotting, watching
Why is you speaking on me at my lowest
When you acted like you ain’t noticed?
I was tripping, going crazy
And they lowkey hating, so they ain’t gone say shit
Damn, I finally see it
I’m killing myself when bitches would die to be me

Explanation of Verse 2
Megan opens up about personal issues, including missing her parents, anxiety, and catching someone cheating on her. She reflects on the strain she faces and the battles with cerebral health, admitting that she’s going through a tough time.The song explores contents of treason, anxiety, and tone-destructive studies.

This pussy depressed, hmm
I’m about to stress him, yeah
Pink nails ’round his neck, huh
But this ain’t domestic, ayy
Think it’s going down, hah
Now he stand corrected, ayy
This pussy depressed, hmm
I’m about to stress him, ah

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats, reinforcing the emotional state Megan is expressing and her intent to confront and stress someone who has contributed to her distress.

I ain’t going, yeah, no emotion, ayy
Back outside, yeah, back in motion, ayy
He keep calling, hmm, I ignore it (Ayy)
He say I’m crazy, hmm, don’t I know it, ah

Explanantion of Outro
The outro suggests a shift in attitude, expressing a determination to move forward with no emotion. Megan me​ntions going back outside and back in motion, possibly indicating a readiness to face the world again. Despite breathing bawled absurd, she seems to assume it with a sense of tone- mindfulness.
“Cry Baby” delves into Megan Thee Stallion’s idiomatic battles and feelings, using bold and unapologetic lingo to convey her passions. The song combines vulnerability with strength, creating a important and raw expression of the artist’s gests .

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