Chanel Pit Lyrics – Tierra Whack

Read the lyrics Chanel Pit Lyrics – Tierra Whack Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written by Nick Verruto & Tierra Whack Its Official Music Video Has been Released On November 7, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel
The lyrics you provided belong to the song performed by Tierra Whack. While the songs concentrate on matters of self-confidenceblockbuster, and a incurious station, they also incorporate humor and wordplay. Tierra Whack uses references to luxury brands like Chanel and Microsoft, and there is a recreating motif of asserting individuality and oneness.

Chanel Pit Lyrics – Tierra Whack

Chanel Pit Lyrics – Tierra Whack

Mhm, mosh pit smell like Chanel, hm
Yes, Microsoft, I’ma excel, hm
Mhm, nine, ten, eleven, fuck 12, hm
Yes, your house looking like a motel, yes
Oh, I don’t play farewell
Mhm, I don’t like to show you, might tell, yes
Oh, what is that shit I smell? Me
Mhm, I am that shit you smell, yes
Mosh pit smelling like Chanel
Microsoft, I’ma excel
Nine, ten, eleven, fuck 12
House looking like a motel
I don’t play farewell
I don’t like to show you, might tell
What is that shit I smеll?
I am that shit you smell

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats a set of phrases, creating a rhythmic and catchy pattern. Tierra Whack mentions a mosh pit smelling like Chanel, a reference to a high-end fragrance brand. The mention of Microsoft and excelling could be a play on words, suggesting success and proficiency. The numbers nine, ten, eleven, and the phrase “fuck 12” may refer to time or possibly allude to a dislike of authority, as “12” is often used as slang for the police.
The imagery of a house looking like a motel and the refusal to play farewell suggest a nonchalant attitude. Tierra Whack asserts herself by stating, “I am that shit you smell,” possibly indicating confidence or self-assuredness.

Niggas acting like they don’t see you
But deep down, thеy really wanna be you
Turn this ho to Resident Evil
Rocking unreleased from Needles
Pull up in a Bentley truck
You pulled up in a lil’ ass Beetle
Yeah, I like to drive so fast
Feeling like the homie Vin Diesel

Explanation of Post-Chorus
In the post-chorus, Tierra Whack talks about people pretending not to see you but secretly wanting to be like you.The source to rolling someone into Resident Evil suggests a metamorphosis into commodity direful. Wearing unreleased clothing from Needles indicates a sense of exclusivity and fashion awareness. The comparison of driving a Bentley truck to someone else’s small Beetle emphasizes a contrast in status and success.

Look, Rick Owens, taking out the trash
Download the app and send the cash
I don’t like to split shit in half
Bitch, I need it all, else I’m mad
Arm and a leg for this bag
And I got a bag in the bag
And another bag inside my bag
Ask what’s in my bag, it’s just a bag, oh

Explanation of Verse
The verse mentions designer Rick Owens and the act of taking out the trash. There’s a mention of downloading an app to send cash, possibly referencing modern convenience and financial transactions. Tierra Whack expresses a desire to have everything, unwilling to compromise and insisting on having it all. The mention of bags within bags adds a layer of mystery or complexity to what Tierra Whack carries.
The lyrics seem to convey themes of confidence, success, and a nonchalant attitude towards societal norms. Tierra Whack portrays herself as a alone existent who’s unapologetically herself and enjoys the floury effects in life. There’s a mix of luxury references, assertiveness, and a touch of humor.

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