calgary lYRICS by Tate McRae

Read the LYRICS ​calgary lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Tate McRae & Ido Zmishlany It Official Music Video Has been Release Dec. 8, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

calgary lYRICS by Tate McRae

calgary lYRICS by Tate McRae

Yeah, mm

Explanation of Intro
The introductory section sets the tone for the song

[Verse 1]
Same bar, same street
I’m twenty but I still feel like fifteen, oh-oh
Same fears, same dreams
Still tryna get my brother to like me, mmm
You said that I always seem to land on my feet
But I got problems hangin’ like a chain ’round my neck
Tryin’ but I’m barely seein’ past twenty-three
The best of me, right now, is lookin’ a lot like a mess

Explanation of Verse 1
The protagonist reflects on feeling stuck in the same place, emotionally and mentally, despite growing older
Despite appearing to have things under control, they feel burdened by their problems, symbolized by a chain around their neck.
The age of twenty-three seems to be a turning point where they’re struggling to cope.

Yeah, mm

Explanation of Intro
The protagonist admits to feeling like they have their life together, but in reality, they’re tempted by self-destructive behavior, possibly referring to pills as a coping mechanism.
They allow that their refinement is surface, simply a façade.

[Verse 2]
Old friends, downtown
They didn’t like me then and don’t like me now
I’m drunk, oh, wow
All my habits came back around
“I’ll figure it out,” that’s what I say
Figure it out and take a break
I’ll figure it out, maybe one day

Explanation of Verse 2
The protagonist encounters old friends who still don’t accept them, leading them to drink as a coping mechanism.
Despite their frays, they cleave to the resort of opting effects out yet.

I’ll finally get my shit together
Can’t lie, the pills are lookin’ temptin’, oh-oh
I thought that I was gettin’ better
No, I got better at pretendin’, oh-oh

Explanation of Chorus
emphasizing the ongoing struggle with self-deception and temptation.


Explanation of Post-chorus
Repeats the post-chorus section, adding to the song’s emotional depth.

And I do it again, I’m a creature of habit
The moment’s gone, but I’m still tryna catch it
Everyone left and I never got past it
Never got past it

Explanation of Bridge
The protagonist acknowledges their repetitive behavior, struggling to break free from destructive habits.
They image on once slipups and the feeling of being yielded by those they watched about.

Same bar, same street
I’m twenty but I still feel like fifteen

Explanation of Outro
They image on formerly slips and the chord of being caved by those they eyed about.
together, the lyrics paint a picture of a youthful person scuffling with internal and external pressures, plodding to find their way amidst passions of lack and the appeal of joy.


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