Buried Alive Interlude, Pt. 2 Lyrics By Drake

Read Buried Alive Interlude, Pt. 2 Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Drake Official Music Video Has been ReleaseMar. May 4, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

plexities of connectionsvictory, and the weights of notorietyComposed by Drake, known for his introspective and emotionally charged verses, this tune may be a continuation of subjects investigated in past works. Released on May 4, 2024, the official music video premiered on Drake’s YouTube channel, offering fans a visual representation of the song’s narrative. With its poignant verses and layered production, “Buried Alive Interlude, Pt.2” welcomes audience members to reflect on the penances made in interest of victory and the challenges of keeping up genuineness in an industry frequently stamped by disloyalty and envy.

Buried Alive Interlude, Pt. 2 Lyrics By Drake

Buried Alive Interlude, Pt. 2 Lyrics By Drake

[Chorus: Drake]
If you were in a pine box, box
I would shovel dirt on top, top
I’d play this record on repeat, ‘peat
You always been a b!tch to me
If you was in a pine box, box
I would still be in my spot, spot
For you to make it to the peak, peak
It’d have to be the death of me, the death of me

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus reflects on the loyalty and dedication Drake would have for someone, even if they were in a dire situation like being in a pine box (a coffin). Despite any negativity between them, Drake would still be there, even if it means his own demise.

[Verse: Drake]
Looking in the mirror, still embarrassed
Stop talking how you gone spare us
React like an infant whenever I am mentioned
It’s like you need tension to always get attention
You always said how you wanna bury me alive
Jealousy disguised as yo’ muhf**king pridе
Took you on your first tour with us, tryna catch a vibe
I was headline, you was standing on thе side
Brought you and that other hoe along for the ride
First time people lined up for your ass
Now you saying two pu**y boys getting outta line
You been hating hard for a very long time
It feel like Twitter ghostwritin’ your reply
Streets out here talking like, “At least a n!gga tried”
It’s how you felt in 2011, why we wasting time?
Dreams come true, crodie, this is where you die

Explanation of Verse
In the verse, Drake addresses someone who he feels has betrayed him. He depicts feeling humiliated by their activities and blames them of looking for consideration through struggle. He recalls the support he gave them, even taking them on tour, but now feels they’re turning against him.He depicts feeling humiliated by their activities and blames them of looking for consideration through struggleHe portrays feeling mortified by their exercises and faults them of seeking out for thought through battle He also hints at the person’s attempts to undermine him publicly, perhaps through social media (“Twitter ghostwritin’ your reply”).In spite of the selling out, Drake recommends that he’s moved on and is centered on his possess victory, demonstrating that their cynicism won’t hold him back.
The tune captures the complexities of connections within the music industry, where devotion can be short lived, and envy and selling out are common subjects.

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