Brave New World Lyrics By Starset

Read Brave New World Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Starset Official Music Video Has been Release May 3, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Courageous Unused World” may be a tune by Starset, known for their mix of shake and electronic music with thought-provoking versesDischarged nearby an official music video on May 3, 2024, the track jumps profound into subjects of societal frustration, the affect of technology on singularity, and the battle to preserve one’s character in a world full with control and chaos. Composed by the band’s frontman, Dustin Bates, the verses offer a strong commentary on the present day human encounterwelcoming audience members to reflect on the complexities of our modern presence. With its compelling symbolism and capable message, “Courageous Unused World” serves as a captivating investigation of the challenges and inconsistencies of the advanced age.

Brave New World Lyrics

Brave New World Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dustin Bates]
Eye for eye, we cross this divide
One for one, into our demise
It’s a parasitic trend, looking for a victim
Stuck inside a hivemind fantasy
But the static in your head is a feature of the system
Just another digital lobotomy

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker describes a world where people are caught up in a cycle of seeking retribution (“eye for eye”), leading to mutual destruction. There’s a critique of the “parasitic trend” of looking for someone to blame or victimize, which ultimately traps individuals in a collective “hivemind fantasy.” The “static in your head” suggests interference or distortion caused by external influences, akin to a “digital lobotomy,” which metaphorically refers to the numbing effect of technology or mass media.

[Chorus: Dustin Bates]
And when it all blows up, the sun will still be shining
And when it all falls down, you think you’ll still pretend?
I got a feeling, in the end, you might be lying
So tell me, are you happy now?
Living in the upside-down
Giving it a whirl
It’s a brave new f**king world, Oh

Explanation of Chorus
Amidst this chaos, the sun continues to shine, suggesting that life goes on despite human turmoil.The speaker questions whether individuals will proceed to imagine everything is fine, in spite of the basic issues. There’s a cynical anticipation that people might lie to themselves about their happiness, especially when living in a distorted reality (“upside-down”) in this “brave new world.”

[Verse 2: Dustin Bates]
(Nihilistic) Rage
You think you’re enemies, but you’re all the same
So maybe it’s just you
And the monsters tried, and they got inside
But they weren’t under your bed
They’re in your brains
Manipulating you

Explanation of Verse 2
The speaker explores themes of nihilism and identity, suggesting that perceived enemies are actually more similar than they realize. There’s a reference to “monsters” that infiltrate the mind, manipulating individuals from within.

[Bridge: Dustin Bates]
The bigger the lie, the further it goes
It’s all fun and games ’til the overthrow
When it gets inside and it starts to grow
Then say goodbye ’cause that’s the death blow
But I’m not giving up that easy
I’m not giving up my mind
‘Cause the more that you try, the more that they need
There’s nowhere to hide when they break out the guillotine

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge dives into the subject of duplicity and control. It highlights how lies can spreadand develop, driving to inevitable results (“oust”). The speaker communicates assurance not to capitulate effectively to this control, emphasizing the significance of securing one’s intellect against outside impacts.

[Breakdown: Dustin Bates]
Break out the guillotine
When they break out the guillotine

Explanation of Breakdown
The breakdown segment fortifies the symbolism of a guillotine, symbolizing the results of societal change and the have to be stand up to the truth, indeed in the event that it’s repulsive or troublesome.
The verses paint a picture of a world characterized by chaos, misdirection, and control, where people hook with their sense of self and battle to preserve their independence within the confront of outside pressures. There’s a sense of criticalness and rebellion within the confront of these challenges, with the speaker encouraging audience members to go up against the truth and stand up to the strengths that look for to control them.

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