Blueslides Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Read Blueslides Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By ScHoolboy Q, TaeBeast, Mario Luciano, Jason Wool & J.LBS. It Official Music Video Has been Release Mar. 1, 2024 Day And Presen  On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Blueslides Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Blueslides Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

[Intro: ScHoolboy Q & Lauren Santi]
Lover of mine
Don’t you dare walk away now
Don’t leave me quite so high and dry
I hope you don’t leave it all inside
Yo, uh

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets a tone of emotional vulnerability, with ScHoolboy Q expressing a plea for his lover not to leave him feeling abandoned.

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q]
Blue slides, I’ve been slidin’ through your whole shit, yeah
Presidential Rollies, I took big risks, uh
We split the profit with the people, we be all lit
Top ten, not ten, bitch, we all in

Explanation of Chorus
ScHoolboy Q reflects on his past experiences, mentioning his signature blue slides and taking risks with expensive watches. He talks almost sharing victory with his group and being completely committed to their objectives.

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah, uh
Better climb out of that hole before you fuck up your blessings
‘Fore you realize that it’s over with and start to get dеsperate
Keep your mind, body on pressurе, give your time when it’s needed
Know a man gon’ be a man, if he don’t work, he ain’t eatin’
How you made it up out of Figg’? It’s like he musta knew magic
Lost a homeboy to the drugs, man, I ain’t tryna go backwards
When I realize that his **** hurt and think, “Was it worth it?”
Man I gotta shake this shit, wake up and move with a purpose
Been a prisoner in my own house, I don’t know if they noticed
I done broke down so many times, next time, it gon’ catch me
I done helped out so many people, they took me for granted
I done lost out on so much shit tryna live to your standards
I done made problems my problems, now I barely can breathe
The lil’ boy father ’bout nothin’, so I roll up my sleeve
I was always good at errythang, especially my dreams
But lately, I ain’t really been myself, ain’t strong as I seemed
I been hustlin’, day in, day out, belong to the streets
But sometimes you gotta be a deadbeat when the kids gotta eat
But, schyeah, chee-chee, nigga

Explanation of Verse 1
In the first verse, ScHoolboy Q reflects on overcoming challenges and staying focused on his goals.He talks almost managing with selling out and feeling the weight to succeed. He too touches on the battles of adjusting individual and proficient obligations.

[Break: ScHoolboy Q & Lauren Santi]
Sweeter than the ocean
Ooh-ooh, ah
On God, it’s like, uh

Explanation of Break
The break emphasizes a sense of sweetness and peace, contrasting with the struggles mentioned earlier.

[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
Kickin’ all that gangster shit and checked in
Heavy in these streets, to me, it weighed thin
Got me a little money, now we best friends
If Kamala freed the homies we’d be all lit
Really tried to strike me out, the reason why I don’t miss
You hate me then, but love me now, say your peace, I’ll hold it down
The shady on these Holy grounds, the devil on the TV, gotta act like it ain’t creepy
You niggas see what I see? You niggas really cancelled—, nigga, I ain’t with it, nah
We was screamin’, “Mental health,” and now we wanna kill ’em all
Lord, please forgive me for the day I finally fall apart
Come to you with open arms, heard you’re good at healin’ hearts
Some things you can explain, dealin’ with that early pain
Nigga, they don’t want you up, our own people vulture us
I don’t see what I respect, your whole shit is all regrets
Better day, I started fresh, blue slides, I’m on they neck
Yeah, ah, uh

Explanation of Verse 2
ScHoolboy Q talks about his encounters with notoriety and victory, recognizing the challenges that come with it.He reflects on the noteworthiness of mental prosperity and the weights of society. He too talks around the significance of pardoning and beginning new.

[Chorus: ScHoolboy Q]
Blue slides, I’ve been slidin’ through they whole sh— (Ayy, ayy)
Presidential Rollies, I took big risks (Ayy)
We split the profit with the people, we be all lit
Top ten, not ten, but we all in, come on

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats the earlier themes of success, loyalty, and sharing prosperity with others.

[Outro: ScHoolboy Q & Lauren Santi]
Huh, yeah, yeah, oh, shit, nigga
Blue slides, I’ve been slidin’ through your whole shit
Call Top unless you heard from God
Sweeter than the ocean

Explanation of Outro
The outro reaffirms the idea of loyalty and the importance of seeking guidance and support. It also returns to the imagery of the “blue slides” as a symbol of perseverance and determination.
In general, the melody dives into profound feelings and battles whereas too celebrating victory and the bonds of dependability with cherished ones and companions.

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