Blossom – Lyrics

Read the lyrics Blossom – Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By LIA ITZY & Sim Eunjee Is It Official Music Video Has been Release Jan. 8, 2024 And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here

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Blossom - Lyrics ITZY

Blossom – Lyrics ITZY


[Verse 1: Lia]
치열히도 피고 지네
찰나의 순간을 위해
No one’s gonna bud me, nobody else
No one’s gonna help me, nobody else
요번 봄은 보낼까 해
조급할 건 없으니
I’m waitin’ for my turn
You know that I’m waitin’ for my time

Explanation of Verse 1
The singer talks about shedding blood and sweat for fleeting moments and expresses the determination to go through the journey alone. The upcoming spring is mentioned, suggesting a time of change. Despite the wait for her turn and time, she emphasizes her independence.

[Pre-Chorus: Lia]
But don’t care ’bout it, don’t care ’bout me
늦어져도 I know the best time for me
억지로 내게 볕을 드리우지 말아
함부로 내게 물을 들이붓지 말아
움츠린 채, 웅크린 채
피지 못한 채로 전부 버텨내도
It’s not late, not late to give me love
나도 꽃이고 싶어라

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
The singer urges others not to care about her or rush her progress. She acknowledges that even if things are delayed, she knows the best time for herself.The songs warn against forcing sun or pouring water on her firmly, using conceits for unwanted hindrance. The songster wants to endure and hold on indeed if she hasn’t totally bloomed.

[Chorus: Lia]
How was I like? How was I like?
How was I? How was I? How was I like?
We weren’t alike, we weren’t alike
We weren’t a–, we weren’t a–, we weren’t alike
How was I like? How was I like?
How was I? How was I? How was I like?
아직 피어나지 못한 아이
제일 늦게 피어나는 아이

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus reflects on the singer’s past self, questioning how she used to be.The replay of” How was I like?” suggests soul-searching and tone- fix. The lyrics point disputes and the oneness of the existent, stating a desire to bloom in their own time.

[Verse 2: Lia]
I know, I know I’m not the same
No, you might not relate for we’re different
I only wanna be what I really am
Love the feeling when I laugh and cry, the real me
Hope that you’d see me the way that I see you
Wish maybe then, would you call me a flower?
I wanna be raw
I wanna be true

Explanation of Verse 2
The singer acknowledges that she’s not the same as before and highlights the importance of being true to oneself.She expresses a drive to be genuine, tittering and crying as her realself.The songs give a relief that others will see her for who she truly is and boom her reality.

[Bridge: Lia]
I’ve been waiting so long
And you’ve been waiting for me
화려할진 모르겠지만
그리 쉽게 꺾이지 않을게
한낱 봉오리에 그치더라도
I’ll call myself a flower

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge talks about the long wait and mutual expectations. It expresses a determination not to be easily broken, even if the outcome is not as glamorous as expected. The voice is willing to be a bare cub, a flower, or whatever it takes, signifying a faith to private growth.

[Outro: Lia]
‘Cause I really want, I really want
I truly want to be bloomed
How was I like? How was I like?
How was I? How was I? How was I like?
내가 더뎌도 피지 못해도
달라 보일지라도
We weren’t alike, we weren’t alike
사실 듣고 싶었던 그 말, “You’re beautiful”

Explanation of Outro
In the outro, Lia reiterates her strong desire to bloom and be beautiful despite any delays or difficulties.The songs spread a sense of tone- worth and the time of living true to one’s identity.
How lived I? by Lia explores motifs of tone- doom, detailed, and the trip towards secret lump and acceptance.

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