Better Potential Lyrics

Read Better Potential Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Lauv. It Official Music Video Has been Release April 25, 2024 Day And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

“Potential” may be a melody by Lauv, including classy and expressive verses that investigate the topic of finding sentimental potential in a near fellowship. The song was released on April 25, 2024, in conjunction with its official music video on Lauv’s YouTube channel. It captures the travel of navigating unused sentiments and the realization of a conceivable sentimental relationship. Underneath, you’ll be able discover the complete verses to “Potential” by Lauv.

Better Potential Lyrics

Better Potential Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lauv]
We’ve been friends for years
And you were always here
Through my heartbreak tears
And none of them compare to you
Never told you why
Always held inside
No more tears to cry
I’m not afraid, I gotta say

Explanation of Verse 1
The first verse describes the history of the friendship, how the person has been a constant presence during times of heartbreak, and the singer’s decision to express their true feelings.

[Chorus: Lauv]
Oh, damn, I think we got potential
I call it how I see it, and I see it in my mental
Like, damn, I know we could be special
I’ll sell you on the vision, but this heart is not for rental
Like, damn, don’t mean no disrespectful
I know you’re with somebody, but your body shouldn’t settle
Like, damn, I think we got p—, I think we got p—
I think we got potential
I think we got potential, oh, woah

Explanation of Chorus
Th The refrain rotates around the concept of recognizing the potential for a uncommon relationship between the two. The craftsman is obvious around their vision of a future together and emphasizes that their heart isn’t for rental, appearing a need for a committed relationship.

[Verse 2: Lauv]
Had a heart attack
When I told you that
That I loved you back
You never said, but I always knew
You’ll be the one at the afterparty
After the fun, you’ll admit you want me
Like, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
I want you, oh, oh, oh-oh

Explanation of Verse 2
The second verse reveals the emotional impact of confessing love to the friend. It delineates how the companion reacts to the confession and the singer’s conviction that they both share the same assumptions.

[Bridge: Lauv]
With a body like that, body like that
I don’t want nobody else
With a body like that, body like that
I just want you to myself
With a body like that, body like that
I don’t want nobody else
With a body like that, body like that
I just can’t keep my hands to myself

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge centers on the singer’s fascination to the friend’s physical nearness and how they can’t envision being with anybody else.
By and expansive, “Potential” communicates the complexity of transitioning from a impartial relationship to a nostalgic one, highlighting the singer’s need to examine the potential for a more significant affiliation with their companion.

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