Anuv Jain – Husn (English Translation)

Read the lyrics Anuv Jain – Husn (English Translation). Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Anuv Jain. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On December 1, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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Anuv Jain – Husn (English Translation)

[Verse 1]
Look, look, what kind of things are here
They are with me while not being with me
Is it that easy?
Look, look, as if my intentions
Were the same as yours
Yeah, how naive I am
Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker reflects on the presence of certain effects or people that are with them yet not truly present. They question whether effects are as easy as they feel and express a sense of ingenuousness.
Ask for my heart someday instead of my beauty
Oh, I’ll melt away in a moment, yeah
Now don’t do that my heart won’t be able to mend itself again
Your words makes me fall apart, yeah
Explanation of Chorus
The chorus revolves around the theme of asking for further meaningful connections. rather than being valued for physical beauty, the speaker wishes for someone to ask for their heart. The citation of melting down suggests vulnerability and perceptivity.
[Verse 2]
I admit that the world is crazy for you
Maybe that’s why you didn’t realise
That I’m enough for you
Look, look, tired of this world
Why do you come here pretending to be innocent?
What am I even to you?
Explanation of Verse 2
The speaker acknowledges the world’s admiration for someone differently, conceivably the person they’re addressing. They express frustration that this person may not realize the speaker is enough for them.

Then why do you come here wanting to make me cry?
If you have come, then please stay
And don’t even ask anything about my day
Only your presence is enough for me, yeah

Explanation of Chorus
The alternate chorus reinforces the desire for a deeper connection.
Yeah, one day if anyone
Ever read your story
I don’t think that my name
Would be mentioned anywhere in it
Explanation of Post-Chorus
The post-chorus suggests a sense of abdication or acceptance. The speaker imagines a script where their name wouldn’t be mentioned in the other person’s story.

Yeah, I’m here
Look into my eyes, my eyes
Look at how my heart is
Even words can’t describe it
Look into my eyes, my eyes
What kind of luck I have
That you’re here while not being with me
Look into my eyes, my eyes
Your incomplete loyalty
Is all I ask for, I won’t ask for anything else
Look into my eyes, my eyes

Explanation of Bridge
The ground invites the listener to look into the speaker’s eyes, emphasizing the depth of their passions. The speaker expresses gratefulness for the other person’s presence even if it’s not completely committed.

Look, look, what kind of fate we have
Still can’t have you despite wanting you
I’m not even part of this race
Look, look, what kind of things are here
I even look at the words around here
I don’t even belong here

Explanation of Outro
The outro reflects on the speaker’s fate, expressing a feeling of not belonging and a continued craving for commodities unattainable.

the lyrics convey an admixture of feelings, including desire, frustration, vulnerability, and a sense of not fitting into a certain environment or narrative. The speaker seems to seek a genuine and sincere connection amid complex feelings and circumstances.

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