All Star Team Lyrics – Babyface Ray


I just need my space right now


I'm an all-star team, far from a rookie
Look, we graveyard shiftin', I don't rock, nigga, fuck it
Mr. Rock-A-Plain Jane but the Audemar's stompin'
I was always taught, "Boy, you better shoot if you gon' up it"
You could smell the za in Chanel, finna blow a bag
You can't be like me if you ain't never worked the scale
I'm a couple houses down, I'm just waitin' on the mail
I'll break his bitches, front row, still yellin'
Ayy, this Tom Ford, I done bossed up a Pelle
I'm God's son, but it's Demons on the Chally
Niggas think it's sweet 'til they stinkin' in that alley
Yeah, finna boot up, ten pink like a fifty
Spent a whole ten, bust some sneakers out of Ricky
They let 'em play tough 'til it's time to do a mission
I ain't tryna kick it, I don't wanna talk
Eighty-inch flatscreens mounted in the loft
Forty on a necklace, that's just how I thank God
Had my young nigga chase him down Tayshaun
She thirsty, got her playin' with it on FaceTime (Yeah)
I'm standin' on the couch, smokin', throwin' gang signs
The vision gettin' clearer, in a different lane now
The Perkies for the trauma, it just numb the pain now
You was in the back, but you do your thing, huh?
You fuck bro, can't fuck me, don't feel ashamed, ma
I cut her off and made her settle for a lame guy
I flew her to an island, damn near pulled her braids out
He cookin' and he cookin' dope, out the same pot
From the trenches, I'm the same nigga, little fame now
The coupe so fast, you can dodge a raindrop
Nigga actin' so bad, he done got his main robbed
Ayy, how you mad at me? We come from the same spot
Fuck 'em, I'll cut 'em down like I threw a spade out
Woke up fresh as hell like I had it laid out
First I went through hell, but I'm gettin' paid now
Poured it out the seal, couldn't find a baby bottle
All my niggas trappin', somethin' like my baby mamas
Yeah, I fuck up a check, I won't even think about it
Ayy, why you grindin' hard? 'Cause a nigga hate the bottom

All Star Team Lyrics – Babyface Ray

Read the lyrics   All Star Team by Babyface Ray. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Babyface Ray. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Babyface Ray. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jun 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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