Afterglow of Ragnarok lYRICS by Bruce Dickinson

Read the LYRICS Afterglow of Ragnarok lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Bruce Dickinson & Roy Z It Official Music Video Has been Release By Nov. 30, 2023 Day And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

“Afterglow of Ragnarok” is a profound composition penned by the esteemed songwriters Bruce Dickinson and Roy Z. Released on November 30, 2023, the official music video premiered on YouTube, captivating audiences with its evocative imagery and powerful lyrics.

Afterglow of Ragnarok lYRICS by Bruce Dickinson

Afterglow of Ragnarok lYRICS by Bruce Dickinson

[Verse 1]
I am your very soul
The one you do not know
I am the truth that’s playing hide and seek
And I will not be free
I cannot choose to be
Till my creator takes the chains off me

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker identifies themselves as an unknown aspect of the listener’s soul, concealed yet yearning for liberation. They look a desire for liberty but allow that they are bound until their founder releases them.

All has come to nothing
All will burn in hell
Now the bridge has broken
All is overcome

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
Desperation and nihilism pervade as the speaker reflects on the futility of existence and the inevitability of destruction.

I crossed the shining seas
Eyes of creatures follow me
Moonlight guides us on a steady course
Afterglow of Ragnarok
Becomes the shadow of the dawn
From the night the sun will rise again, again

Explanation of Chorus
Despite the darkness, the speaker navigates through uncertain waters, guided by moonlight and the aftermath of a cataclysmic event known as Ragnarok.

[Verse 2]
From me there’s no escape
No opening of the gate
Incarnate freedom just a hopeless dream
I read your silent mind
I feel your hate refine
And the burning will begin in the circle of lust

Explanation of Verse 2
The speaker laments their lack of escape and the imprisonment of their desires. They sense the impending onset of chaos and desire, anticipating a fiery reckoning.

All has come to nothing
The world is only dust
Now the bridge is broken
There’s a fire in the ice

Explanation of Bridge
The earth reiterates the topic of futility and ruin, stressing the flash nature of the world and the chaos lurking beneath the face.

[Guitar Solo]

Explanation of Guitar Solo
An instrumental section provides a moment of intensity and emotion, enhancing the song’s dramatic atmosphere.

Afterglow of Ragnarok
Afterglow of Ragnarok

Explanation of Outro
The outro echoes the chorus, emphasizing the aftermath of Ragnarok and the lingering sense of hope amidst the destruction.
common topic” Afterglow of Ragnarok” is a song that grapples with themes of existentialism, fate, and renewal. Despite the darkness, there is a hint of bullishness in the pledge of a new dawn rising from the ashes of destruction.

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