After Film Franchise Casts Dating Histories Hero Fiennes Tiffin Josephine Langford and More

After Film Franchise Casts Dating Histories Hero Fiennes Tiffin Josephine Langford and More Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford showcased remarkable on-screen chemistry as they portrayed Hardin Scott and Tessa Young in the After-film series, which began in April 2019, based on Anna Todd’s book series. Fans of the franchise couldn’t help but speculate about a real-life romance between the two actors. However, both Tiffin and Langford were adamant in emphasizing that their relationship off-screen remained purely platonic.

“We have a strong friendship, and our working relationship is smooth,” Tiffin shared with Entertainment Tonight back in October 2020. “The set maintains a high level of professionalism, and I believe that from the very beginning, the entire cast, crew, and production team have fostered that atmosphere.”

Although there wasn’t a romantic connection between Tiffin and Langford off-camera, he acknowledged that he does “comprehend” why fans are eager to see them in a real-life relationship.

“I can understand why people might root for characters to be together in a movie,” he shared with J-14 in September 2022. “When people are young, they invest a lot of emotion in these things, and that’s a good thing. I can relate to it, that’s probably the best way to put it.”

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Hero Fiennes Tiffin maintains a strong sense of privacy regarding his romantic life, and he has not made any public appearances with a significant other. Nonetheless, he did playfully share his criteria for a potential partner if he were to ever participate in a celebrity edition of the U.K.’s Love Island.

He expressed, “I would be drawn to someone who exudes positivity and confidence, enjoys both movie nights and exciting adventures. It would be great if they had an interest in sports, but more importantly, a willingness to explore, stay active, and embrace new experiences.” Hero Fiennes Tiffin disclosed these preferences in a conversation with PopSugar in September 2022.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Josephine Langford

Similar to her co-star, Langford maintains a discreet personal life, including keeping her romantic relationships private.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan in April 2021, she elaborated, saying, “Being an actor presents a bit of a dilemma, I’m aware of that. Nevertheless, I consider myself a fairly private individual. I believe that when you enter this industry, maintaining boundaries becomes crucial. It’s something I’m currently focused on – preserving my boundaries.”

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Mira Sorvino

The acclaimed actress who portrayed the character Carol Young (Tessa’s mother) in the majority of the After-film series is Mira Sorvino. In her personal life, Sorvino has been happily married to Christopher Backus since 2004, and they are proud parents to four children: Mattea Angel, Johnny Christopher King, Holden, and Lucia.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Rob Estes

The actor took on the role of Ken Scott, who is Hardin’s father, in the films. Regarding his personal life, Estes was in a marital relationship with Josie Bissett from 1992 to 2006, and they have two children together, named Maya Rose and Mason True.

In 2010, he tied the knot with Erin Bolte, and in April 2011, they celebrated the birth of their son, Makai Ever.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Dylan Sprouse

Sprouse made a memorable appearance as the character “Trevor” in just one installment of the After-film series. After his stint in the movies, the former Disney Channel star, Cole Sprouse, and his longtime partner, Barbara Plavin, celebrated their official union with a wedding in July 2023.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Stephen Moyer

Moyer portrayed the character of Christian Vance in the After franchise, and interestingly, his on-screen romance mirrored his real-life experience. He fell in love with a colleague, just as he did in his personal life. Moyer has been happily married to his True Blood co-star, Anna Paquin, since 2010, and they are proud parents to two children named Charlie and Poppy.

Additionally, Moyer has a son named Billy from his first marriage and a daughter named Lilac from a previous relationship with Lorien Haynes.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Carter Jenkins

The performer played the role of Robert Freeman in the last three installments of the After-film series. He was previously romantically involved with Sierra Swartz, but his current relationship status remains uncertain.

After Movie Casts Love Lives

Arielle Kebbell

In the film series, she portrayed the character, Kimberly. Unlike her on-screen persona, Kebbell is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to her personal life. In 2020, Us Weekly confirmed her relationship status had changed when she shared a now-deleted picture of herself getting close to a new partner.

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