ACHO PR Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

Real G4 Life, Baby
The True Movement
Guiding The New Generation

The Dementes Arrived, A Lot Of Drug Trafficking In The Tropics
Real G4 Life, The Movement Remains Solid
Kicking The A*s Of A Couple Of Bugs Who Are Not In Anything
A Real Son Of A B!tch Is Playing In Your Horn
Native From Puertorro (Borinquen), Where The Vibra Is Something Else
Neither The Vigil Parties Nor Barbosa Are Forgotten (Yah)
Straight From Bayamón, The Most Powerful Mafia (Hahahaha)
Real G4 Life Forever, La Candela Is Where You Enjoy
Have A Great Time, In This Paradise You Find Everything
Little Seed Of Culture On Sundays ‘in Los Bancholo’ (Me)
And We Always Walk Together’ The Demented’ And The Locario’
Because This Is Our Neighborhood Thing
We Enter ‘shooting, It’s Been Many Years’ Demonstrating (Yah)
In The Street They Know Who Keeps Killing (Aha)
Active Banditry, The Bellaca’ Crazy With The Goat
Tomorrow We Don’t Know, But Today ‘we Turned On’
The Cool Step With Toa’ Las Mami’ And Los Títere’
That You Are A Demon, I Already Found Out
You Like Hijeputismo And You Know That I’m Tíguere (Hahahahahaha)
Here You Only Machine With The Leaders (Yeah)

For My People From The Neighborhood
For My Country People
For My Hitman Combo, Oh
Real G4 Life Foreva (Yeah)
For My People From The Neighborhood
For My Country People
For My Hitman Combo, Oh
Acho, Pr, Puñeta, I Love You (Yeah Yah)

El Nieto ‘e Miña, Cria’o In Bh, Villa Y La Perla
As A Child In Church He Stole My Entire Offering
The Neighborhood Or The Hamlet, That’s My Thing
Like Bryce Harper, Always With The Phillies’ Caught Up’
At The Point With The Combo Every Day In El Joseo
Dreaming Of Being Big And Running To The Ugly’
From Gramo’ To The Grammys, Singing At The Choliseo
Que? Acho, Pr, Being From Here Is My Greatest Trophy, Ah
For The Babies And The Puppets
For My Humble, Fine And Cool People
A Street Bandit I Will Always Be, Ah-ah-ah-ah
To All The Thugs, To All The Gangsters

Bastard, That… That Was What I Grew Up Listening To,
Cabrón, From Chamaquito
Arca, De La, Ñengo
Daddy, Being Here Feels Really Bada*s, Really
From The Heart

For My People From The Neighborhood
For My Country People
For My Hitman Combo
Yeah, Aha

Wow, What A Bastard I’ve Become
I Have Plenty Of Reasons To Say That I Am Blessed
I Understand That They Envy Me, I Say It With Confidence
Yes I Swear To You That There Are Times That Not Even I Can Handle Myself
And I’m Still The Same
The Singer Piqueú Rolling Up Portobello Inside This Wood
The Current In Person, I’ll Give You The Lu’
My Own Heart Didn’t Kill Me, Are You Going To Kill Me? Yeah (Woof!)
The Bug Has To Suck Me
I Already Have It, There Is Nothing You Have To Give Me
Yesterday I Started To Guayar With This Picket
And Guess What? I Had To Remove Myself
She Wanted To Hesitate And I Put Her Down For Pr
I Took Her To The Neighborhood So She Could Pull With The Ar
In The Hellcat, A Ride With A Trapstar
The Movie Is Real, Not From Disney Or Pixar
I Took Her To Miramar To Look At The Sea
So I Can Smoke Portobello With Me Inside The Car
On The Jet, Everything Set, Through The Clouds’ The Internet
Having Breakfast In The Air, Toast And An Omelet, Yeah

Bastard, And I Left The Neighborhood, That’s Why
My Music Is Always For The Neighborhood
And I’m Going To Be Grateful For Everything In Life
Because This Was The Only Thing I Dreamed Of
(Hey, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Hey, Heh, Hey)

Inspiring The Chamaquitos’, Putting The Old Ones To Squeeze’
I Always Had God Close, That’s Why I Came Far
Veteran And Rookie, I Give Myself Advice’
I Am Not The Goat, I Am The Rabbit
Bastard, The Best
Roberto Clemente, Albert Pujol’ (Pujol’)
Maradona And Messi In Soccer
But I’m The New Star, I Hire Sugar And Lindor
Without Ceasing To Be The Same, Because
Money Doesn’t Make You, I Learned That (That; Hey, Hey)
I Know A Couple Who Are In Trouble And They Are No More On Fire Than Jeff Bezo
I Don’t Judge Anyone, I Know I Shouldn’t
But I Wish The Whole World Were Humble As I Drink
I’m Afraid Of Heights’ (Shh), Heh
That’s Why Being So High Up Sometimes Scares Me
I Miss That ‘day’ With Eladio In Las Justa’
We Both Arrived, Life Is Not So Unfair (No)
My Respect To Those Who Josea And Always Look For Them
The Boys Are Active, So Don’t Look Out
For The Talent Scouts That Another Bad Bunny Are Looking For
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Another Like Me, In The Next Century
My Name Goes To The Museum, Goes To The Books
I Am The Star Of My Island, That’s Why I Shine
Don’t Talk To Me With Vote, Because It’s My Corrillo
Thank You Once Again For Loving Me So Much
Traveling The Whole World, But I Always Come Back For My Song
You All Know That I Always Sing To You And That I Sing To You
I’m Still The Same
Who Sat On The Lap With Grandma
I’d Rather Sing For Free At La Loiza Than At Coachella
Thanks To God I Fulfilled Everything I Dreamed Of At School
Thank You God For Putting Me In My Path
To Jan, Noah And Gabriela, Hey
That’s Why I Don’t Ask For Much Anymore When I Go To Bed
May God Give Me Health, I Will Do The Rest
Yes, Amen, I’ll Do The Rest, Hey
Because Nobody Knows When The Sun Is Going Down
I Would Like To Forever Hug Benito Isabel
Always Be For Bernie And For Bysael, Heh
Learn, Grow, Mature, Age
Have Confidence In My Son De Tre’
No, No, No, It Was Gabriel, Haha, Hey
God Bless You

ACHO PR Song Info

Album: nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana
Band/Singer: Bad Bunny
Lead Vocals: Bad Bunny, Arcángel, De La Ghetto & Ñengo Flow
Written By: Bad Bunny, Ñengo Flow, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Voltio & Notch
Music Produced By: MAG, La Paciencia, Tainy & Mvsis
Music Label: Rimas Music
Featuring Artist: Arcángel, De La Ghetto & Ñengo Flow
Release Date:
October 13, 2023

ACHO PR Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

Read the lyrics ACHO PR Lyrics – Bad Bunny [english].Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Bad Bunny .Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On oct 14, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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