350 Lyrics – Lil Baby

Read the lyrics 350 Lyrics – Lil Baby.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Lil Baby. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On December 15, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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350 Lyrics – Lil Baby

[Verse 1]
That sh!t a act, if I went flat today, I wouldn’t even see your face
Brodie told me he’ll take thirty-five, he just want a date
That’ll p!ss me off, we taking that sh!t every which way
Used to look up to my cousin, how you strung out and you raised
One of the smartest people I know, I can’t believe n!gga went crazy
I’ma keep this sh!t a buck for me, nobody gotta praise me
Oh, you ask to borrow petty money without no intention to pay me
I been really on some whole other sh!t as of lately
And the one that is gone hit me, bro, and never call me back
Ain’t never say nothing ’bout it, n!gga, you know you a rat
I was f**ked up, I woulda been a p!mp, I’m rich, so I be pamp’
Two bad b!tches at the same
I can’t trust none of these hoes, they tell us all the same lies
Try to let you park, somebody came and took the last spot
Bulletproof the Supercharger, I still can’t stop at red lights
I done got too deep off in this sh!t and I came back out
Need the whole hunnid, you can’t never give me half off
She done went back and got some hips and plus her ass soft
She be tryna play it like she innocent, I drag her
Hard to sleep, twenty-five million in the stash spot
Bro, I’m out here tryna have something and hold it down for the have-nots
I’m standing out here, scheming, going against the grain
Making it harder, should be easy
If I ain’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it
Lost a couple day ones, ain’t found the time to grieve yet
Lost one I thought I couldn’t live without, but I’m still breathing

Explanation of Verse 1
The lyrics begin with the speaker expressing a sense of detachment, claiming that certain effects are simply an act. The citation of not seeing someone’s face if commodity were to be suggests a simulated relationship or lack of genuine connection. There is also a reference to a friend (Brodie) willing to take pitfalls for a specific purpose. The speaker reflects on the challenges faced by a kinsman who, despite being intelligent, has putatively gone down a worried path. The speaker emphasizes tone- recognition and does not seek external confirmation. There is frustration about people adopting plutocrat without the intention of prepayment, and the speaker acknowledges a recent change in their mindset. There is a blend of particular reflection and compliances about others, touching on themes of trust, deception, and particular growth. The speaker seems to part themselves from negative influences.

Bubba Watson on my wrist, 350
Bad b!tch know I’m dap’, she can’t diss me, never
Bubba Watson on my wrist, hit it down some
Brodie on trial for his life, I hold it down for him, yeah
‘Nother watch on my wrist, 350
Heard that these n!ggas can’t diss me, never

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus introduces a watch on the speaker’s wrist (Bubba Watson) as a symbol of success or status. The reiteration of” 350″ reinforces this image. The speaker asserts confidence and dismisses the possibility of being disrespected by a” badb!tch.” There is a citation of a friend (Brodie) on trial, and the speaker pledges fidelity and support during this grueling time. The chorus repeats the theme of the watch on the wrist and the speaker’s perceived impunity to discourteousness.

[Verse 2]
’69 Challenger, I turn it to a demon
If this sh!t ever go south, just tell ’em that you won’t see me
I make sure you get a bond, he saw his laws Jesus
Made a million every day out the streets, I really seen it
When I go to sleep, have nightmares, barely have a good dream
I was turnt when it was crunch time, glad I had a good team
I had ran me up a hunnid thousand, that was ’16
I made six figures sitting in prison, f**k you mean?
That sh!t f**ked up and you free
Every b!tch I ever had was f**ked up over me
Realest n!gga ever, I hope, want that sh!t to be serious
Never cry about this sh!t, it is what it is
Lost a dozen, handful of the people, I gotta live, yeah
Used to wanna run up a dime, that’s in the crib now
All the sh!t I put on, you ain’t pick up, well, that’s your fault
My advice to you, get out my way, I’m ’bout to go off
Me and crod’, to be with me, you slip and I’m gone go off
Coup de Main see eye to eye, that sh!t really hurt my heart
Slide the phone, I’m talking to nobodies on the yard
Most of my n!ggas got life without, I’m playing it smart
I done got the ball, they handing hard, I gotta dodge ’em all
I done made my money and got out, this sh!t for y’all n!ggas
I could never think of selling out, n!gga, I’m all n!gga
Even in the sun, I cannot thaw, I’m just that raw, n!gga
F**king done with y’all n!ggas

Explanation of Verse 2
The speaker describes a important auto (“’69 Challenger”) and uses it as a conceit for metamorphosis. There is a sense of caution, suggesting that if effects go awry, the speaker would prefer to vanish. The speaker recalls past success in making plutocrat and highlights adaptability during grueling times. Agonies and struggles are conceded, but the speaker emphasizes a realistic and undemonstrative approach, suggesting a hardened mindset. The lyrics touch on the speaker’s gests in captivity, making plutocrat indeed in confinement. The speaker reflects on connections, admitting the impact on others but maintaining a stoic station. There is a blend of pride in particular achievements and a desire to part oneself from negative influences. The speaker expresses a sense of futurity, emphasizing a break from certain individualities.


Bubba Watson on my wrist, 350
Bad b!tch know I’m dap’, she can’t diss me, never
Bubba Watson on my wrist, hit it down some
Brodie on trial for his life, I hold it down for him, yeah
‘Nother watch on my wrist, 350
Heard that these n!ggas can’t diss me, never
‘Nother watch on my wrist, 350
This time, I just unlocked a whole new level

Explanation of Chorus
(Repeated) The chorus reprises, buttressing the themes of success, confidence, and fidelity to a friend in legal trouble. The repeated citation of the watch suggests a continued focus on material success and particular accomplishments.

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